We are an International Service Provider offering an extensive range of corporate and fiduciary services for companies wishing to operate in Cyprus and other jurisdictions.

We offer to our clients an in depth knowledge and experience, both in legal and business issues. Our team is made up of highly educated and experienced professionals, with expertise in the business and legal environment of Greece, Cyprus, UK and other offshore jurisdictions.

How can we help you?

why us

“Our flagship is our experience. We are committed to providing the best service to our clients by putting the best people at their disposal.”

Real Substance is a multidisciplinary corporate services provider, based in Nicosia, Cyprus, specialized in incorporation, administration, accounting and business development of companies domiciled in Cyprus. Our goal and commitment is to deliver high quality services, integrity and reliability, in customized tax efficient corporate structures to accommodate your personal or corporate objectives.

Our main services include:

  •  full legal support in 3 jurisdictions (Cyprus, Greece, and UK), via affiliated law firms
  •  company incorporation
  •  fiduciary services
  •  real substance corporate services
  •  accounting and administration
  •  secretarial services and payroll
  •  international bank account opening
  •  tax residence relocation
  •  immigration and passport services
  •  naturalization of non-EU citizens, via regulated affiliated law firms
  •  business and financial advisory
  •  business development, and
  •  mergers and corporate seat relocations

Our flagship is our experience. We are committed to providing the best service to our clients by putting the best people at their disposal. We believe that in the modern regulatory environment and the arena of international business, the only way to keep abreast with developments and ever-changing laws, regulations and standards, is by having specialized personnel which will be constantly monitoring developments and updating their technical knowledge, in order to provide complete, accurate and value adding services. It is our strong belief that in order to address the needs of a multifaceted business environment, a multidisciplinary team is necessary.

Real Services

“We are committed to providing the best service to our clients by putting the best people at their disposal.”

fiduciary services
company incorporation
office space services
tailor made adisory services
full legal support in 3 jurisdictions
Greece, Cyprus and UK, via affiliated law firms
accounting and administration
facilitate bank opening
transforming corporate goals
guidance on personnel, secretarial services & payroll matters

why Cyprus

Cyprus offers an attractive and transparent tax regime, fully compliant with the international laws and regulations. Combining the lowest corporate tax rate (12,5%) in the European Union, zero holding company tax regime, a very competitive VAT rate (19%), an impressive double-tax treaties network and all the additional benefits provided by Cyprus tax law are the keys to Cyprus’ success.

The Cyprus investment vehicle is suitable both for EU inbound or outbound investments.

• Holding companies

• Finance companies

• Royalty companies

• Investment funds and Private Collective Investment Schemes

• Financial Services companies

• South Europe, Middle East and Eastern Europe

• Head Office operations

Our team of experts is focusing on optimal corporate structuring and advise clients on complex issues in the areas of personal and corporate taxation, asset management. We can also assist in the provision of tax rulings and representation of clients before the tax authorities.

Cyprus International Trusts
UCITS & AIF Management Company
Cyprus Intellectually Property Rights Box Regime
Cyprus CIF Company
Cyprus Alternative Investment Funds
Cyprus Yacht Registration
The Tonnage Tax System